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    Hey guys, I am moving on 2 1/2 hours of sleep. My computer is down at home. I just wanted to say to Ammaringnyc that J’s show in MA will be solo. I had a midwife appointment this morning at 8 am and I went to sleep around 3:30am. I feel really tired. The show was the best Fog show I have seen so far but I am just to tired to talk about it maybe this evening after a nap.

    I wanted to give Y’all an incomplete set list:
    This was from the memory of three of us,
    we were at odds with each other this morning around 3am,
    so when we have some recording come out then we can settle it for sure, if that is a sentence? I am not even sure.

    The Lung
    Everybody lets me down
    What else is new
    Same Day
    Hey muffin aka Hey Whats bubblin’ aka Tarpit

    this is where we forget, Our memory starts to fail us all:
    Little fury things
    Get Me

    The Wagon
    We should Pray( Is my name for it) What is the real name of this song? My brain is so tired

    Get Me was there but we can’t remember where? Before the encore after, I just don’t know. My head is ringing……..TRY TO THINK
    Okay I know I am missing a song, perhaps one from Bug, I’ll get back to Y’all soon. Oh, I have some photos, with all luck I will have them posted this evening. I am going to lay on a blanket in the sun with my kids and Dogs, Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Do you know if anyone recorded it. How was the band? Maybe freak scene.


    Bucky Ramone

    Sounds like a great show! 8) :lol:


    "Annastefka" wrote:
    so when we have some recording come out then we can settle it for sure, if that is a sentence?

    … if that means the show has really been recorded, this is a highly appreciated, meaningful sentence :mrgreen: :P

    thanks for the first set list parts, cool to hear they are playing much Dino stuff! sounds like a very short night, hope you found some time to relax today and cure your ears :D



    Hey Freaks, good news, my computer is back up, my husband just unplugged the modem and plugged it back in, I hate when it’s that easy.

    THE SHOW WAS TAPED, I mean this guy this tape guy was SO FUCKING SERIOUS about his job, he came to the show to work. I did not see Chris the guy who taped Caledonia.
    I hope that show shows up at the groove. My husband knows the guy by face, We think he is a WIDESPREAD tape head, but what a show!! Have faith it will show up.

    but when I asked the guy what he was going to do with that video tape
    he said "Give it to the band, they hired me to make it!"
    Will we ever see it? Who knows? I hope so.



    video + audio … awesome :aliensmile: :mrgreen: :aliensmile:



    Hey kids, I was Mr. Serious, and made the audio recording of the J. show last night, though the serious thing is all looks, I always have a blast when I’m out recording, especially last night. My first J. experience, really only marginally familiar with a little of the Dino Jr. stuff, but it seems like a picked a great first show.

    Chris (who taped the Caledonia show, and one of my partners-in-crime) got really sick and didn’t make it, I remastered his Caledonia show and seeded it to sharingthegroove, and this one will -DEFINITELY- go up there too. I’ll post back here for you guys when it’s ready.

    Oh, and I thought the tape came out REALLY NICE, I think it will be worth the (small) wait. . .




    Please try to get it up tonight.



    here is the setlist for last night-
    the lung
    everybody lets me down
    little fury things
    yeah we know
    get me
    if thats how its gotta be
    the wagon

    it was a great show- that was the twentieth time ive seen J and it was definately one of the best- it was great to hear yeah we know and tarpit- i had never seen him play those live- they sounded really good. J was in top form- the solos for ammaring,thumb, and alone were amazing- and sludgefeast.
    i guess youll all get to hear it- so thats good -i recorded it, but my recording stuff isnt all that great- im glad somebody got a really good recording-



    i forgot to mention how good dave and kyle sounded- it was cool to see dave singing the parts on sameday- and i can also see the comparisons of a young jon bonham and kyle spence- i hope this version of the fog lasts for a long time- J really seemed to enjoy playing with them- they really added a lot-



    Won’t be tonight, as I’m going out to tape Elf Power, but will be very soon, especially now that I have a setlist to work from (thanks).

    Be here before you know it :P




    Appreciate that in a huge way, looking forward to it :aliensmile:

    Enjoy the show tonite :!:


    Bucky Ramone
    "sloansimpson" wrote:
    Won’t be tonight, as I’m going out to tape Elf Power, but will be very soon, especially now that I have a setlist to work from (thanks)

    That’s great, like CG said, highly appreciated… 8), and welcome on FreakScene Sloan! :lol:



    I agree with Den Buck, Thanks Mr. Sloan, and I do hope you were not offended by the" serious" comment, dude you were so "On Call’
    Dr. Sloan Simpson. I have been watching my husband work on my photos that I want to post here. It’s taking some time. I wanted to write about the show but I am busy with the photos and such. I do want to tell Y’all and Sloan that Hatchetface has made a small setlist error, this was comfirmed when listening to a DAT recording my husband made of the first 5 songs. They are as follows:
    Freedom (Dave made this so funky, danceable, you should have seen the crowd)
    The Lung
    Everybody lets me down
    What else is New

    Just as we remembered. If y’all want a taste of the show before Sloan can put up his good stuff, we have the first five songs but the file sizes are too large for our server! If anyone has any ideas of where we can post or how? I could I guess talk to Anthony but this is not great quality and just first few songs but it is a good taste, you know what I mean?


    big chief

    I kept one by hand for the Caledonia show, but didn’t this time, ’cause I figured one of ya’ll would do so. So thanks! Can’t wait for the tape!!

    I had been waiting for that night for 12 years. I have always loved WSP and Dinosaur Jr. Who would have ever thought the two would blend? But right from the start, you immediately thought: "How could this NOT have happened?" And then I turn I around and there’s Kevn Kinney! All three of my biggest musical influences right there: incredible. I first knew Kevn’s music, and then WSP, and then Dino Jr. all in succession (with Neil Young hovering over them all) and there they all were in one room (Neil was there in spirit). I still can’t get over how great it was.

    My review:

    "Saw the show tonite. Fuckin’ fantastic. Kevn Kinney was there and he thought it was beautiful, because it was. It didn’t SEEM loud as usual J, but my ears are ringing so it must have been deceptive. J and Dave Schools were made for each other. Never heard Schools on a four string before, with WSP he plays a six string, but he used it well. He filled in the space that J’s flanger creates. I used to think they Dino tunes that always SCREAMED to be extended, like Sludge feast, and they that’s exactly what they did. Yes the songlist is short, but that’s because each song was LONGER.

    And J smiled a ton while he was playing.

    The drummer from the Tom Collins was fantastic too. J played a ton of old stuff and very few Fog tunes. It was transcendent; they balanced and expanded each others strengths so well.

    It was so danceable. It was so movey. And the crowd was just big enough to give great energy without being smashed into each other: a perfect size to dance and tonite they made it danceable as strange as that sounds. Yet often times the music was like a dream scape, almost trance-y. Like you could just lie down and the music would comfortable wash over you. Like I said, it didn’t SEEM loud.

    Just fuckin’ amazing.

    They all just fit together so well. The bass actually mattered tonite. Granted I never saw J play with Watt but I know Watt and as good as that must have been it had to have been different than what Schools does. Schools adds little fill ins and flares without being intrusive and he knows how, because this is what Panic does, extend time and space musically so that J can run and play and let loose without having to worry whether his "backing" can keep up.

    I always intuited back in the early nineties without being able to articulate it or even really ever think it that it really is all one song; The synthesis was just perfect.

    Once again, music exposes genre as the marketing construct it is.

    If you get a chance to get a tape, take it.

    You’ll then understand how great this show was."

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