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    30 years ago today :( :cry:



    Just thinking about the first time I got into Nick`s music.J mentioned him in interviews plus Sebadoh covered Pink Moon,that got me interested.I was in high school and really tired after having the flu twice and teachers piling up the work.I wrote my final exam early,went to the record store(it was my birthday)and got the Way To Blue collection.His warm brit voice and hypnotic guitar playing drew me in instantly.I remember spending days and days listening to it over and over.
    "You`ll find reknown while people frown
    at things that you say
    but say what you say
    about the farmers and the fun
    and the things behind the sun"

    Fave Drake songs:
    Things Behind The Sun
    Hazey Jane I
    Place To Be
    Poor Boy
    Time Has Told Me



    yeah that guy was great. suicide sucks, it is only cool if you are japanese and shit and some dude is there to cut off your head when your done cutting up your guts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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