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    if i ask you will you answer? if yes start with this <img>


    Randy Jane

    1. Can I have or play or even touch your ’65 Sunburst Jazzmaster?

    2. Why not?

    3. How about that cow from the shirt? (visible in the fossils album insert, the purple shirt with a cow head on it)

    I suck dont I?


    Randy Jane

    nah, i think id ask the first one, then the third one, then id ask him if we could hang out for a day…..Mascis and me! Walk around Boone NC. Watch cartoons, play music (maybe)….get golf tips……go play golf……LOTS of golf courses around here!!!!



    1) How did it work out that you got to play with the Saturday Night Band…What songs did you play…and can we get a copy of your full preformance with the band?

    2) Would you be willing to explain what an (Ammaring – Amma ring) is and what it means in the song?

    3) What gave you the idea / inspiration to use effects on your acoustic guitar and would you play MTV’s unplugged to show others how to really Kick Ass on an acoustic?

    If anyone has answers to any of my questions I would like to know your thoughts. Thanks, Chris



    Chris-one of the songs on Sat. Night Live he played was Out There,I don`t know if there were others.Amma is a woman from India who hugs alot of people,she also sells rings with her face on it.I`ll look for the thread about her later and pull it up.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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