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    28 dollars for a frickin 12 year old tour shirt??? WTF?



    we had another topic lately, with some opinons collected there:

    t-shirts too expensive



    A twelve year old J shirt is like a real find.
    I still have to say, I don’t think $28.00 is a lot to pay for
    a shirt. Sometimes I think we all should send J $20.00 bucks
    just because he is worth it. The last show in Athens was for $10.00 bucks. I say J, WTF, thanks for the great deal.
    $10.00 bucks and you know in Athens at lot of the crowd was comped (free) ( ummm, like me, although I bought a few tickets for friends) We have J and Dave on the West Coast asking to use anyones Marshall Cabinets to SAVE A LITTLE MONEY , and save a little hauling around. I say again, WTF, I say send J 28.00 bucks and forget the Tee-Shirt.

    uhhh, I just had a frustration moment!!!



    i guess the thinking is that the 28 dollar shirt is rare now …

    i’m sure you could pay that much on ebay for a used shirt, right ?

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