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    hey this thursday is the 25th anniversary of the day john lennon was killed…
    theyre having a john lennon festival here in seattle…



    If my turntable was working,I`d pull out Double Fantasy… :(



    I always thought it was kind of morbid that our society celebrates people on the day they died rather than on the day they were born. I guess it’s the whole "remember where you were when ___ died" thing, but…I think that’s kind of selfish. sorry. I’d want to be celebrated on my birthday, not the day I killed myself / died in a fiery crash / was murdered by a psychopath / stopped breathing while wearing a soiled diaper :o. maybe it’s just me?



    Yeah I agree it`s morbid.When Sinatra died,the local grocery store was playing his music.They never did when he was alive.



    It is morbid to an extent, but part of it too is the whole "you don’t know what you got til it’s gone" thing. Who knows.

    Speaking of which… the anniversary of D. Boon’s death is coming up…



    I think "celebrate" is a poor term here. I went on about a three day "Lennon bender" after realizing (thanks to SG) his death anniversary was coming up and I definately don’t feel guilty for it- gives me another excuse to listen to his body of work, which is what I’m sure he wanted people to do.

    Bee Gee’s Maurice Gibb’s death anniversary is coming up, too….



    I’ve been to a tribute of John at the melkweg in Amsterdam on the 8th. About 30 dutch more or less famous artists came by to give there regards to John. What stroke me badly was that the most of the artists didnt even took the trouble to learn the lyrics by heart :( :o ??? If I would tribute John it would be the first thing to do before entering te stage. disapointing!
    The good thing though was that all the money (after boozzze :D ) went to Warchild.

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