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    The first one: 8)

    …my French is not getting better, but still, there is google translation. The interview has got some interesting points (as far as I can see :roll:)

    * * * * * *

    After having shaken Pukkelpop with his "Tribute to The Stooges", J Mascis returns to the current businesses. In the tread of electric a new album, the ex-Dinosaur Jr. treats to an acoustic round… in solo! Joe Mascis was awaked a little early by its attached of press. Extinct voice, the vague?il behind its glasses, influences it guitarist from now on is accompanied by a new group: The Fog.
    "the idea was less to gather a true group to have good musicians for my concerts rock’n’roll. In acoustics, I am in general all alone."

    A preference? "Electricity, I think". [ :!: ; FC]

    Without being a concept album, "Free so free" declines the idea of freedom on a maximum of beaches.

    "Several lyrics were written during the same period of time, because the music was ready. Perhaps this is that which I had more at the head… Like a feeling of claustrophobia to be fought, compared to the country, the state of the world. Freedom, it is at the same time a goal and a personal objective: I would like also to improve me as anybody and to release me from thoughts which I do not like to have… "

    With a humour one nothing schoolkid, the American believed good to forward this new album to the press accompanied by a biography detailing its recent interest for parachuting and the beneficial influence of this activity on its inspiration. Actually, he never jumped in parachute and the bio is the Oeuvre of a buddy:

    "For the preceding album, he had written a text in which he explained why I had recorded under water. People of the firm of discs did not like. Parachuting was just more credible… "

    As for the inspiration, these is especially deadlines that it comes to him. These are the limiting dates that it sets which push it to finalize a project. A good practice acquired at the school when he studied the examination day before.

    "The school did not really traumatize me, but I hated that and I foutais myself some. [ :?: ; FC] Very other is the respect which he dedicates to Stooges whose guitarist Ron Asheton counts to his idols. It is the bass player Mike Watt (The Minutemen, Firehose), him also of the adventure, which embarked it in this "tribute" programmed in Pukkelpop.

    "Mike always had a group which took again Stooges. When he fell sick, he asked me to replace him for some concerts. I then invited him to take again Stooges with me. Mike also played with Ron Asheton for the film "Velvet Goldmine"… In Los Angeles, it is Sonic Youth which proposed to us a set of Stooges for a festival; Ron pointed out his brother and here is, the idea ended up taking form… Without becoming a homage for as much since two of Stooges are part: I didn’t understand why it was presented like that. We are closer to Stooges than the guys of Guns N’Roses are to Guns N’roses, actually. Why isn’t it said about them that they play a "tribute to Guns N’Roses"? [:mrgreen: ;FC] To meditate…

    ·J Mascis on November 13 in Old Belgium. Next "Tribute to The Stooges: December 6 with Tilburg (PB). Album: "Free so Free" (City Slang/Virgin). Web:

    * * * * * *

    The second one is in Dutch, I think, but thankfully J’s words are left in English :D

    read yourself: :P


    artiest: J MASCIS + THE FOG
    song: Freedom
    cd: Free so free
    label/referentie: City Slang/Virgin/20205-2

    Freedom uit Free so free, de nieuwe solo-cd van de Amerikaan J Mascis. Die zanger, songschrijver en multi-instrumentalist ken je misschien van Dinosaur Jr., een gitaargroep die een tiental jaar geleden tot de absolute top behoorde. Mascis had toen al eens een plaat onder eigen naam gemaakt en met More light twee jaar geleden is zijn solocarrière echt van start gegaan. Nu ligt de opvolger in de winkel, Free so free.
    Drie van de tien songs hebben "free" of "freedom" in de titel en ook in andere nummers duiken die woorden op. Het is duidelijk, Free so free is een plaat over vrijheid.

    JAY MASCIS: There’s a claustrophobic feeling in America right now. You feel things closing in on you and you just want to break free from it all.

    In de Verenigde Staten heerst een claustrofobisch gevoel, zegt J Mascis, een man van weinig woorden
    Claustrofobie is een onderwerp dat vroeger ook al geregeld in zijn songs opdook. Maar toen was het een mentale kwestie. Nu voelt hij zich ook fysiek ingesloten.

    JAY MASCIS: I didn’t feel it that much before, it’s just more for an inner struggle of pursuing freedom, that’s one thing. But if you don’t have the freedom to pursue freedom. I have always been claustrophobic, but I haven’t been like stuck in a place where it comes out as much. So I feel physical things around coming in, rather than mental.

    Dat J Mascis zich ook in zijn fysieke vrijheid beperkt voelt, is natuurlijk een gevolg van 11 september. Zijn songs zijn nochtans niet vaak een reactie op wat rond hem gebeurt. Hij vindt het niet zo belangrijk om zijn kijk te verklanken.

    JAY MASCIS: No, a lot of times I sing from somebody else’s point of view, like someone I know their reaction towards me or what I think they’re thinking about me or just different things.

    artiest: J MASCIS + THE FOG
    song: Someone said
    cd: Free so free
    label/referentie: City Slang/Virgin/20205-2

    Someone said uit Free so free van J Mascis. Of juister: J Mascis + The Fog. Dat is geen vaste groep, hij speelt gewoon met begeleiders, wie dat dan ook mogen wezen. Je kunt je natuurlijk afvragen of het wijs was om de naam Dinosaur Jr. op te geven, want dat was ondertussen toch het pseudoniem van J Mascis. Tenminste, zo kwam het op ons over.

    JAY MASCIS: Yeah, I guess in people’s perception, but in my mind it was still a band and then the band broke up and I thought at that point I would change to my own name. Even if people think it’s just me and I was doing everything, it still felt like a band to me back then.

    Voor J Mascis is Dinosaur Jr. dus tot op het einde een band gebleven. Waarom vond hij dan drie jaar geleden dat hij er een punt achter moest zetten? Een simpele vraag met een simpel antwoord!

    JAY MASCIS: I don’t know, it just felt like it was over, just a feeling. It was time to move on.

    Zijn vorige solo-cd More light verschilde wat van Dinosaur Jr. doordat er meer keyboards in zaten, maar de nieuwe Free so free ligt eerder in het verlengde van Dinosaur Jr. We kunnen dus niet zeggen dat hij als soloartiest een nieuw terrein verkent. Of toch?

    JAY MASCIS: It’s all a question of degree. In one way I’m not at all and in another way I am. I have subtle things that are differences to me, but the average person wouldn’t even hear. They would think it sounds the same. I’m not necessarily to sound different all the time, just trying to express myself at the moment and reflect the period of time where I wrote the songs.

    artiest: J MASCIS + THE FOG
    song: Free so free
    cd: Free so free
    label/referentie: City Slang/Virgin/20205-2

    J Mascis + The Fog met het titelnummer van Free so free.
    Hij is vooral bekend als zanger en gitarist, maar hij drumt ook. Meer zelfs, drum was zijn eerste instrument. Toen hij in 1983 Dinosaur Jr. vormde, vond hij wel een drummer, maar geen goede gitarist. Dus moest hij noodgedwongen van instrument veranderen.

    JAY MASCIS: Just to form a band, because the band needed a guitarist and we could get another drummer and I knew who to play drums and I could teach somebody how to play drums in the way I wanted. But guitar I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t know how to play well enough to show somebody.

    J Mascis, die toch een beetje een gitaargod is, vindt dat hij zichzelf beter kan uitdrukken als drummer dan als gitarist. Je zou kunnen zeggen dat hij dan live moet drummen in plaats van gitaar te spelen, maar dat vindt hij een stap te ver omdat drummen volgens hem de gezondheid schaadt. Hij heeft al te veel drummers een beetje gek zien worden.

    JAY MASCIS: I don’t know if I’m interested in playing drums live. It seems too hard and I’ve seen the toll it’s taken like drummers usually go crazy and become drugs addicts and die. It’s kind of like boxing. Drumming just rattles your brain too much. I don’t think it’s good for your health. So, for my own preservation I’m glad I’m not playing drums.

    Het gitaarspel van Mascis is overigens duidelijk beïnvloed door zijn liefde voor drums: vaak percussief en luid, zodat het een erg fysieke belevenis wordt. Tussen haakjes: J Mascis treedt nooit op zonder oordopjes.

    JAY MASCIS: I’m more interested in the physical experience of the sound. Because from playing drums trying to make guitar more physical, it felt really wimpy when I started playing guitar. It’s so undynamic and wimpy compared to drums. So to try to satisfy myself I was just trying different things. Playing loud really helps me to get into it more, it’s feeling the air moving.

    artiest: J MASCIS + THE FOG
    song: Everybody lets me down
    cd: Free so free
    label/referentie: City Slang/Virgin/20205-2

    © 21-10-02 Cucamonga VRT Radio 1


    Bucky Ramone

    Nice finds again FC!

    That second interview is the transcript of an interview with J. from a fine Belgian radio show (the songs that were played are included in bold letters). Gonna try to make some understandable :?: :wink: English from it sometime tomorrow!



    ah, a transcribed radio interview, that explains the strange structure of that ‘’ article :idea: :!:
    I’ve been wondering about that… :P

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