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    J Mascis will play 11 September a Gig for a radioshow called Club Lek

    He will play in Deventer, Its a Free Gig

    For tickets & info call: 035-671 22 22

    Here’s the Dutch info:

    Club Lek gaat het land in, elke tweede woensdag van de maand wordt Club Lek uitgezonden vanuit een
    zaal in het clubcircuit. Op 11 september is het Burgerweeshuis in Deventer aan de beurt, met optredens
    Dr Dick: Snelle punk uit Deventer
    Face Tomorrow: Intense gitaar muziek uit Rotterdam
    J. Mascis: Vroegere frontman van Dinosaur Jr.

    Wil je langskomen in Club Lek? Bel dan, vanaf twee weken van te voren, met de Club Lek reserveerlijn:
    035-671 22 22, maandag t/m woensdag tussen 12 en 17 uur. De lijn is vanaf vandaag weer open

    Great News


    King Me, Baby

    (Btw Still No computer <img> )

    Oh Yeah, I Forgot:
    There is always a live stream from this show
    & u can listen to it afterwards too, so u people
    who will miss this, can always enjoy the stream


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    Dr Dick sounds cool



    Great find, definitely looking forward to hearing that show!!!

    No computer yet <img> Hope it happens soon, missing you <img>

    Allison <img>



    the radio dont broadcast the show on internet?(their website)


    Bucky Ramone

    You can find the ‘Club Lek’ shows through this link.

    Great to have J. playing live in Holland on 9-11! <img>

    (……and guess who is then enjoying the last days of his holiday far away from Deventer, yes, you guessed it right, it’s den Buck…… <img> , but it’s only 4 more days to Pukkelpop <img> <img> <img> )



    Sounds very good man! I might go there, but will definitely tape the show from the radio.

    Hey Den Buck, guess what: I was waiting for years to go to a concert of Nada Surf and Nerf Herder. And now they’re coming both to Amsterdam, on October 1st and 3rd. But guess who’s on vacation? That’s right, that sucks big time. But if I can go to J, it will make up for it (but not completely).




    I called the Burgerweeshuis and they could confirm 2 bands: Dr Dick and Face Tomorrow. The 3rd band was not confirmed yet, so I guess that must be J Mascis. You can just go the the club, no need to reserve tickets in advance (they told me).

    It’s gonna be cool!



    Seems like J’s show in Deventer is confirmed now. <img> Click here for the venue’s website. Can’t wait! <img>



    hey , these are really good news .
    is this really true , no tickets , etc. ?
    it`s a bit of a drive for me and closed doors would be disappointing.
    if anyone knows the club , could you please give us infos about this evening . ( my dutch is really bad , so i can`t translate the club`s site ).
    thank you
    if anyone is interested in power pop music (lemonheads kinda stuff ) , there`s gonna be a show in muenster germany ( close to the dutch border , 1 hour drive from enschede ).
    australian based bands like smudge , sneeze . godstar etc . are playing on the 10. september in the "gleis 22". http://www.gleis22.de




    It’s true — you don’t need tickets. But to be sure you get in, you may want to call 035-671 22 22 (from Germany, that should be your international access code, then 31-356712222, I think), Monday to Wednesday between 12.00 and 17.00, and they’ll put your name on the guest list.

    I’m not familiar with this club, but the evening will last from 22.00 to 1.00 (doors open at nine), it will be recorded by VPRO radio, and apart from J Mascis the other artists are Dr Dick (punk from Deventer) and Face Tomorrow (rock from Rotterdam).



    i’d really love to go, but it’s impossible to
    return to hilversum by public transport. i wondered if anyone else is
    going by car, and could give me a ride to utrechtor amsterdam, from
    where i could go home by train….

    if so, please get in touch! (see profile for details)




    Have fun at the show tomorrow, looking forward to the show spiels <img> Will be listening to the live stream hopefully, which would be at what time <img>




    You can watch the entire show — including J, but I’m not sure when he will be on — live on video from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM FreakScene Time, right here. The day after tomorrow the show will also be available on demand there, so you can see it whenever you want to. <img>

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    Thanks Jasper, hope to see you and KMB at the show <img>

    Allison <img>



    At first I wanted to go. Last week I went to the radioshow in Amsterdam because Nada Surf were playing there. But it’s just too late for me. Deventer is about 1,5 hrs driving from my house and it ends at 1 am, so I’d be home by 2.30 and I got to work the next day. Hopefully J will come to the Netherlands again.
    I will tape the show, at least the J part and then I will make it available in mp3 on my website. If and when I got it, I will let you know.


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