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    Note #75.

    It’s a good list! I’m impressed.



    Bucky Ramone

    Fine list!

    Nice to see Richard Thompson quite high in the list, and Kevin Shields has made the list as well, cool…



    Good list?? J. on 75 <img>



    I saw J. the other night in Cambridge a tt bears. J. by far is one of the best guitarists. I’ve never seen a group of people stare in awe like that since I’ve seen Dinosaur in North Hampton a few years ago.



    I haven’t heard all of the guitarists on that list, but those I’ve heard really deserve a place on the list.

    I’ve noticed J in two other top 100 guitarists, one of them in a guitar mag in 1993, I think it was Total Guitar. They wrote that he has influenbced a great deal of people incluidng those Pearl Jam people. They actually wrote that Pearl Jam hadn’t existed if it hadn’t been for J. Those are strong words, but it really points at a important point when it comes to these kind of top 100 lists. You can be as good technically as you want, but that’s not what’s important. As a guitarists you have to be innovative. I know J said he just played what other guitarists played. Maybe he did, but he managed to make it his own. He created a own sound.
    He has influenced a great deal of people with his guitaraura. <img>



    Interesting list;Allan Holdsworth at no.5 when most people have`nt heard of him?Syd Barrett I think of being a songwriter more then a guitarist,better then J?I don`t think so <img> good list of jazz/blues guitarists:Wes,Guitar Slim,Farlow,etc. I think the honarable mentions should have made the list:Sonny Sharrock was amazing,the missing link between Coltrane and Sonic Youth in my opinion.Frisell,Breau,Ribot are all great as well.



    It was great to see J making the list. He plays in a genre of music that is often overlooked or underappreciated in guitar circles. It would’ve been nice to see Greg Sage on the list.
    I thought Dick Dale got shafted coming in at #69. He is absolutely amazing, and extremely influential. Surf music got shafted, considering Dale was it’s only representative.



    Stanley Jordan at 96. Jesus. What hope is there for the rest of us. Clapton and Richards in the top 10, and Jordan in at 96. Would have gone with "most influential" but certainly not "greatest".




    I thought I might find Mike McCready on the list somewhere–maybe it’s just b/c I’m a big fan of Pearl Jam’s work, but I always thought he was an exceptional guitarist.


    John Dyson

    Nice to see Bob Mould in there at 86



    I curious as to what J thinks about Thurston Moore being ranked higher then him? Not that I’m trying to start anything at all, but i am just curious. <img> I know J and Moore have worked on stuff together and am wondering if they just kind of laugh it off and feel honored to be on the list at all or if it really doesn’t matter to them at all. I would also be curious about what J thinks about the list in general, if he thinks someone should be on it that is overlooked…as so many people are.



    Hi, Rosa, thanks for the link. Some years ago, in the Mojo magazine, J. Mascis, was number 29. Go figure out! It was interesting to see Ritchie Blackmore being number 100, he was number 100 in Mojo magazine too. Well, the man who invented hard rock should be in a best place… Anyway, the only utilility about lists is giving me clues to know musicians/records that I don’t know yet. We all know who’s the best! <img>

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