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I`m fed up with alternative rock to and how bands seem to copy whatever is trendy,in the past 10 years we`ve seen bands copy Sonic Youth,MBV,Pavement,Stereolab…,why can`t anyone come up with anything original like the bands I`ve mentioned,but even those bands had their influences.
I don`t follow popular alt music,yesterday when you said Linolieum`s singer sounds like the Placebo guy I was like,Placebo? I hardly even know thier songs.I`d rather some obsure band doing something different than that pop crap,a pop song structure is good but it`s good to know there is some band out there trying something different though it seems maybe 2 out of 10 bands out there are doing something diffrent,everyone wants to be like their heroes."Kill Yr Idols" as SY used to say,play something different from your favs is my advice to bands.