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Sorry, suddenly had the feeling I might spell Jeremiah wrong and I know how people can be really sensitive about this kind of thing.
And of course, you don´t like a band only because of the exotic nature of their members, but because, by definition the music is bound to be just a little bit different. See, the last festival I attended, I gradually got fed up with this alternative rock thing. Not because I don´t like it, but because at one point it became all a bit repetitive and I was really grateful for Calexico, Stereolab and the Chemical Brothers to perform, cause there was at least a bit of variation.
And frankly, I realised that this list represented the members taste and not yours. But that was my point. Like, whenever you have a poll at the end of the year, like best band of 2000, I always wish they would list more than the first ten or twenty, cause really, if you read past the predictable Radioheads and Smashing Pumpkinsens ect., that´s when it starts to get interesting. Otherwise it´s just another form of mainstream.
And indeed, if we could choose from a list, where the bands at least fulfill on of the characteristics I found missing in this one, I´m sure it would be slightly more interesting, cause you might come across a new band that you could dicover for yourself and not just the same old dross that we have listened to for the last ten years.

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