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dear Jerry.
Why so defensive. You will be thrilled to learn that -yes indeed- I figured out that the damn thing was there because of a request and that you were testing another feature; but tell me, is there a rule that you can´t find requests boring (and complain bitterly about them).
Point is, in my very first posting (9 months or so ago) I basically reacted to the same thing. There was this guy asking the other members about their faves beside J and every reply was a namedropping of the usual suspects. I mean, there wasn´t that much variety, bearing in mind the whole range of music that there is. Like the 20 bands you have listed here. Really, how many black people you find in those bands, how many women (5, me thinks), how many who don´t sing in English or use the bass, drums, guitar formular. I know I´m repeating myself but variety is the spice of life.

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