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i have to agree with lots of the comments made in this thread. people shouldn’t be scared of mentioning artists who are different to what everyone else seems to like. after getting into alternative guitar music, i found myself falling in love with weird digital music. this music is where the present lies, it may not be recognised as the best music around but it is certainly the most original.

if you’re looking for challenging, ground-breaking music then listen to any artist on the Warp record label. particularly Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Autechre. they are true geniuses and all make very different music to each other. my most recent discovery though, was someone called Speedy J, he has made the darkest, scariest and heaviest music ive ever heard, and this is electronic music. the album ‘A Shocking Hobby’ is a modern classic, u should all give it a listen, there’s nothing like it.

in the end, there is a lot of great genres out there, and im sure many of us listen to some hip-hop, jazz, techno etc, and we shouldnt be afraid of admitting it.