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I forgot to mention I was listening to jazz before I listened to any punk/indie rock,not the other way around.When I mentioned jazz in my posts I did`nt get negative reactions,so I thought everyone is cool with it.
Since you been back it`s been cool,Welcome back!things were getting dull here recently so I`m glad to hear your comments.
I first started listening to jazz when I was 15 and was totally crazed about it,it started getting dull after a few years and then I got into punk/indie rock,I was reluctant to listen to it because of the grunge thing at the time but went for it anyway,after a few years it got dull as well,just like the jazz thing.I guess when you listen to a type of music too long and become familar with it,it does get boring,so now I`m trying to be difersified enough to listen to more variety.During the jazz years I also listened to blues and avant garde classical stuff like Cage,Stockhausen,Boulez,etc. I also like Satie and Mahler.
There used to be a radio station from New York that used to play alot of early jazz stuff,Bix,Jelly Roll,Ellington,etc. I used to listen to that until they changed they`re format to easy listening!They played alot of obsure 20`s and 30`s entertainers stuff that was semi-jazz like Ruth Etting and Annette Hanshaw that was cool as well.