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Ahh, Salamiguy, now we´re getting to the core of this. See, if you didn´t mention the Jazz stuff you like because you weren´t sure how people would react, cause some rock freaks even -shhhhhhhhh- hate Jazz. Well, that´s their problem, not yours. I couldn´t care less really. I mean, probably the list of bands everyone lists as their favourite is so predictable and boring because people mention bands that they think will go down well with the rest of the community and not really the things they like. I mean the fact that Jeremiah listens to Edith Piaf says more about himself (and makes him ultimatively more interesting in my view) than all the bands he listed as his favourites (before he changed it quite recently), though I like all of them. So, yes, please more of the unusual.

PS: And the attitude of ELJ generally makes polls even more boring and predictable.

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