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There was`nt enough room in the profile list for other favs either,so people were limited of saying what they like.I don`t blame Jeremiah for this,it`s just the way the profiles were set up.
Another reason I did`nt mention jazz stuff was I did`nt know the reaction of other people to it,some rock fans hate jazz,and rock musicians too(Steve Albinni I heard does`nt like jazz)so I thought I should`nt mention it there but did in various posts.I guess some conformity was in that but I`m pretty much non-conformist,not some alt rock guy who wants to rock and that`s all.Even being non-conformist is considered trendy to some,it seems you can`t be anything!As J would say"I don`t know a thing to be"
It also seems trying to get people to listen to something different is hard,people always want to stick to what they know,you know when people say"I can`t listen to that band because I don`t know their songs"STUPID!how can you know the songs if you don`t listen to them!