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Cool ruse dimpfelmoser, gotta agree with you crowds at gigs these days confuse me…altho the Tanqueray may play a large role in that state. Been at some shows that just were amazing, hardly anyone moves then when the time comes to call for an encore they just don’t bother to respond. Swervedriver gig a couple years ago people were nuts, no moshing just everybody enjoying the same vibe you talked about….I thought the small hotel was going to collapse it was amazing.
I have been to gigs where people sit down on the dance floor…..while people are jumping around….what is up with that. They seem to be enjoying themselves but in such a passive way I just don’t get it! Was very difficult making your way back to the bar, you had to avoid stepping on the kids all over the floor…wow. I agree with Rosa some of the people who used to thrash have probably moved on to the new thing. I have noticed a difference between the all ages gigs and 21 up gigs, Flaming Lips played a couple of shows in Minneapolis…..the all ages show was incredible with tons of audience participation etc, the 21 up gig was ok lots of people there who seemed to be enjoying themselves just not as demonstrative as the younger crowd.

So its really hard to say what the deal is, the larger cities do get the most gigs….that definitely sucks….and that probably has something to do with the apathy we witness sometimes. All I can do is continue to enjoy the sounds and dance away and have a great time….heres hoping everybody else can enjoy the show without feeling the need to present that cool disinterested look.

Cool name info, gotta love it when someone can make fun of their culture….gotta keep a sense of humor about things you can’t change!!


ps Rosa, I would be shell shocked as well if somebody asked me if I was truly a fan or just went to the shows. Man o Man like I have the time or the desire to waste my time attending events for the sake of being seen at the right gig….sad state of affairs. Agree they should all just stay away and let us true fans appreciate the show.

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