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Javro, you wont believe this.
Indeed, we had to read Andorra at school, Max Frisch, if memory serves, yet I´ve never heard of "Sansibar, oder der letzte Grund" before. But yesterday, when I got home, I read a review about the new EP from Boards of Canada and the critic stated that the music from BoC was the audial equivalent to the style of writing employed in Sansibar, oder der letzte Grund. Pretty spooky, eh?
To return briefly to the subject of lame crowds. It wasn´t my intention to dismiss peaceful crowds as apathetic, it´s just, that music is the most emotional and most social form of art. You know, if you read a book, it´s you and the book, or if you look at a painting or watch a film, it´s you and the piece of art (although I was reliably informed, that there is another sort of film), whereas with live music, it´s you and your friends, your girlfriend is there or your boyfriend is there and everyone is singing and dancing together and for a short period of time there is something like an emotional connection between all those people and the band. And a really good concert can achieve that. The same could be said from the Love Parade up until two years ago. Yet it seems to me that that in recent years more and more people are reluctant to let that happen.
Just a thought

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