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Glad you ask Javro, cause there is a bit of a story behind this one. Dimpfelmoser is a character out of a popular German childrens book: Räuber Hotzenplotz by Ottfried Preussler. He is the benevolent, if rather thick police officer. Actually, they made a film of it in the 60s with Gerd Fröbe (You know, the chap who played Goldfinger in errr, Goldfinger) as Räuber Hotzenplotz. All this is pretty exiting, I´m sure you agree, but the true beauty lies in the name itself. Dimpfel is a sort of mix of the German words dumpf (dumb) and simpel (work this one out for yourself), while mosern means to complain, to nag. So all in all, I always thought, that this Name sums up the German mentality quite nicely. This is probably lost to the non-German ear, but it sounds so beautifuly German.
And Rosa, I never implied that Hip Hop is the enemy. Like some hip hop myself, you will be thrilled to learn. Same goes for Techno, though I´m more into House. But German Hip Hop at the moment is a completly different kettle of fish, so let´s not get into this. It just occured to me, that the energy and anger that was funelled into the so called alternative sector a few years ago, are now somewhere else. But really, it strikes me as completlly illogical to go to a gig and then spend the whole evening near the bar wirthout having a great deal of fun. What´s the point?
Hello Norway. Funny you should mention the Hives, cause I caught them together with the Noise Conspiracy this summer in Cologne and that was the last time I took part in some wild massmadness. I put that down to the fact that the Refused had such a devoted fanbase (in Germany) but maybe I´m wrong.

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