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Tanqueray is a beautiful type of gin…the only kind I drink….if possible. Your right I am a frozen Canadian, we do have all ages gigs here and at some of the shows I go to in Minneapolis. They have worked out a system at most shows that they sell you some tickets to purchase a wonderful beverage when they check your ID, in Minneapolis the club 1st avenue is huge and upstairs is the drinking area…they card you every time you go up….god its a pain but worth the trouble definitely. I don’t go to many all ages gigs but the ones I have been to have all had loads of liquor…..thankfully!!! About the guns it is odd that kids can hold a gun at 16, the only gun I have ever held is a super soaker water pistol I use to shoot the pigeons off my patio….thats kinda fun actually.

ps get back to you later today on the other thing…don’t think it will be much of a problem
drinking age in Canada is 18, Minneapolis is 21..odd that you can be responsible enuf to drive, vote or enter the army but not enuf to drink….go figure.

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