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Errrr, Bates,
excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is Tanqueray. Never heard of it. And what is this about all ages shows? Somehow I got the impression you were from Canada, but I might got that wrong. Or are you going to tell me they have all ages shows in Canada as well. Correct me if I?m wrong, but as my understanding of it, they don?t serve alcohol at all ages shows, which would mean, that you can?t order alcohol if you?re under 21. Fuckin hell, what a strange country. You?re allowed to carry a gun when you?re 16, but you can?t have a beer at a gig when you?re twenty. Or isn?t that how it is?
Needless to say I?m not a big fan of Ozzy or the Stone Temple Pilots. For me they are, well, just silly and Limp Biskit are the Backstreet Boys for kids who like to feel rebelious. All part of growing up. Deftones are ok though, yet big concerts are something different anyway. I don?t really think Rock?n?Roll was meant to be played in stadiums. Never works. No offence

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