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The first Mike Ness album I don`t have but heard played in the music store,why would he team up with Brian Seltzer and Springsteen?
I do have that 2nd Ness album of old country tunes,it`s awesome!Best cover of Marty Robbins`big iron` I ever heard;some lame new country guy covered it a few years ago and it sucked!Mike just kicks ass on it!Another good tune is the Carter Family`s`Wildwood flower`
where Mike`s distorted punk chords mix with a banjo and pedal steel!My Mom met the surviving Carter Family in the 60`s!The Carter`s if you did`nt know was around on the 20`s and 30`s and wrote the song`No depression`which Uncle Tupelo covered and named the Alt country scene no depression.
My Mom also met the Ventures in the 60`s!
I`m sure Man or astroman would find that cool!
Cool Mom!