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Good call Allison on Husker and Social D.!
Husker`s version of `Eight miles high`is amazing! When Bob starts screaming toward the end it`s just amazing!
Social D`s version of `under my thumb` is awesome!they recorded in the early days,that`s on a compilation and on "white light/heat/trash" as the unlisted track at the end as well as on their live at the roxy album
Which one do you like?I Have`nt heard the early one but between the other 2,the white light one rips!
This afternoon I was checking out a Yo La Tengo site with a ton of mp3`s,mostly live stuff and remember I mentioned `rocks off` by the stones?Yo La Tengo covered it live!
but I could`nt get it to work!,the other songs seem to be working so I guess it`s just that one,I`ll try another day.If you want to check it out it`s at Sunsquashed.com
there`s alot of cover songs;some Bowie,Kinks,Grateful dead,Pavement(with Malkmus),Velvets,Fleetwood Mac,etc.
When I think of some cool cover songs I`ll mention them!give me time!