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I thought up some all cover song albums:
Screaching Weasel-Beat is on the brat(the entire Ramones first album covered)
Vindictives-Leave Home(the entire 2nd Ramones album covered)
Queers-Rocket To Russia(the entire 3rd Ramones album covered)
Schoolhouse rock rocks-those cartoon bits ABC used to air between sat morn cartoons,it includes Deluxx Folk Implosion,Buffalo Tom,Man or Astroman,Pavement,etc.
Saturday morning cartoons-I forget the exact title,Allison mentioned it in the Ramones cover of Spiderman theme,it also has Matthew Sweet
playing the Scooby Doo theme.
If I were a Carpenter-Bands like Sonic Youth,Shoenen Knife,Bettie Serveert,etc covering Carpenters tunes,my fav is Redd Kross `s version of `Yesterday Once More`.
Sweet Relief-All Victoria Williams covers,the singer/songwriter who was diagnosed with MS in the early 90`s and did`nt have health insurance,this benefit album includes Soul Asylum,Lou Reed,Shudder To Think,Pearl Jam,Jayhawks(one of them married Victoria Williams).
Sweet Relief 2-all Vic Chesnutt songs,If you don`t know Vic,he`s a singer/songwriter from Athens,Georgia,a friend of Michael Stipe,who is a parapalegic,He`s also toured with Bob Mould.this compilation includes Soul Asylum,REM,Smashing Pumpkins/Red Red Meat,Cracker,Sparklehorse,Kristin Hersh,etc.
The Bridge-tribute to Neil Young,has some cool tunes,Dino Jr,Sonic Youth,Pixies,Soul Asylum(again),Nick Cave,Flaming Lips,etc.

I`m not going to go through every tribute record,there`s too many,see if you can think of any good ones,there`s plenty of bad ones out there.