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Here`s some more cool cover songs:
Superchunk-Born To Run(Bruce Springsteen)(you can check out this live mp3 at mp3.Palukaville.net;they also have some live material from BTS,Modest Mouse,etc.)
Scrawl-Public Image(Public Image LTD)
Pavement-Killing Moon(Echo and the Bunnymen)
-The Classical(The Fall)
Geraldine Fibbers-You doo right(Can)
Faith Healers-Mother Sky(Can)
Lagwagon-Brown Eyed Girl(Van Morrison)
Polvo-Mexican Radio(Wall Of Voodoo)
Red Red Meat-Wishing(A Flock Of Seagulls)
Leatherface-Message in a bottle(The Police)
Gameface-Time After Time(Cyndi Lauper)
Pixies-Head On(Jesus and Mary Chain)
PJ Harvey-Highway 61 Revisted(Bob Dylan)
Sonic Youth-Computer Age(Neil Young)
Unrest-So You want to be a Rock And Roll Star(Byrds)
Versus-24 Hours(Joy Division)
Flop-Big Sky(Kinks)

I think that`s enough for now;with my last list and this one I think I came up with 60 songs!