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Not to be negative, but I sometimes wish that J had a extra guitarist with him on stage while playing solos on most dino tunes. When listening to a live recording I sometimes think how better it would sound to most people playing a guitar solo with a rythm guitar/ in the background.
when I recorded my band playing BLOWING IT/I LIVE FOR THAT LOOK it sounded more complete and whole with that extra guitar playing under the solo. Don’t get me wrong I love J playing his songs as a trio, especially the rollingstone session version of blowing it/I live for that look
In my mind this killer recording has a better soundshape than the original on green mind. The drums are too central in the soundscape on the studioversion. too much drumsound and too little guitar sound. I also prefer a more tighter drumsound than the "reverb drums" on green mind.

Anyway, I hope J tours europe this summer. He’s welcome in norway <img>