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Hey BR,

I like her movies, not great but cool all the same. Not saying I watch them frequently or anything, been awhile actually…possibly years. I didn’t see her new one when it was broadcast last year, hopefully I can find it on dvd or something. J enjoys acting but has said he doesn’t think he’s that good, he’s obviously not John Malkovich or anything but hey its cool to see him out there doing something he enjoys…at least for me anyways. The fact that he provides brilliant music to the soundtracks as well is a huge cool thing for me.

Chris I prefer the three piece Fog deal as well, not sure if its just a nostalgia thing related to Dinosaur Jr but it just works for me. Agree a guest guitarist every now and then is very cool. Last year in Chicago ticketmaster reported that Wayne Kramer was going to guest in Chicagowith The Fog…if only. According to someone from Wayne Kramers management no one told Mascis or Kramer about the plan…crying shame!!!