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buckingham rabbit

ok, i thought i would dig this up too cause looking for used cds has got to be my #1 hobby (yes, i am a loser). i happen to live in a city (but sadly, not for long) that is full of hipsters or at least people with some good taste in music AND an amazing record store for them to sell stuff to, so i have found so much good stuff used that it is unlistable.

my main kind of obsession is out of print stuff, so that is what i will mention here. and this is really all relative, you know–30 bucks isnt that much money, but it kind of is for a cd (only paid that once in my life, back in high school, for the dinosaur import ‘quest’), but i get excited when i get good deals on OOP stuff.

game theory–big shot chronicles- paid 15 and they even had multiple copies, so i bought extras and sold them on ebay for like 35.

the clean–unknown country. not their best, but got it for 5 bucks and it would go for 15 at the record store here

david bowie–ziggy stardust + man who sold the world (ryko versions). 10 bucks each off ebay. sell for 25 at the record store.

jason and the scorchers–essential: are you ready for the country. only 8 bucks at the wherehouse (morons), its equivilent i think goes for about three times that on ebay.

x-ray spex–germfree adolescents. $15. goes in the 20s on ebay.

the only ones–peel sessions. $14. seen it go for 30 on ebay.

the db’s–stands for decibels + repercussion. 10 each and were OOP at the time, just been reissued–and everyone should buy them!

the wedding present–george best +9. it was only 6 bucks but i dont know how much it sells for on ebay–significantly more than that though.