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Seems I may need to borrow Jarvos Pulp, Oasis, Blur and dentist beating stick in a week <img> Want to protect myself from dental overkill <img>

That ouch link above pretty much describes me yesterday <img> Chipped a tooth last week, tried to treat it symptomatically…meds, rinses etc to avoid the dental visit for awhile…yeah yeah I’m a suck. But of course the long week-end came and so did the brutal searing pain. Just about went Nick Royale on the nurse triaging me at the urgent care clinic yesterday when she listed me as not urgent…YEAH RIGHT <img> Sat for 5 hours waiting to be seen, ended up getting IV antibiotics/fluids goddam that hurt. Currently in a codeine fog, hate that kind of fog <img> but Hey!

So courier that stick over please <img>