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From: Jason Edge of the Original Sinners

Hi everybody. I just wanted to get the word out about a few
upcoming Original Sinners and X shows. I know this letter still
goes out to the whole country, we haven’t fixed that yet, but
these shows are mostly in Los Angeles. The Sinners are going to
on tour soon and we’ll come play for you’all as soon as we can.
We go into the studio in two days and as soon as we’re finished
we’ll head out. Also the Knitters are going to play up the west
coast (yes you, Portland and Seattle) in May and we’ll send those
dates along as soon as we can.

Original Sinners

March 8th at The Troubador
W/ Wayne Cramer (MC5)
And The Rollins Band

This Troubador show is a benefit for the West Memphis Three.

March 16th SXSW Showcase at the Red Room, Austin Tx

March 20th at The Knitting Factory


May 4th and 5th a The Knitting Factory

Sorry this isn’t a Valentine from Exene but we’re pretty busy
right now. Maybe we can get her to write from the studio.

Jason Edge
Sent via the WebMail system at exenecervenka.com