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Thanks again Ton!!

Here’s the latest from the mailbag:

From: [email protected]

Subject: Original Sinners

Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 21:35:17 -0400

Hi there everybody,

Thank you all for joining my list and ordering from my site. The list
keeps growing and growing. There haven’t been a lot of changes to my
site but I’ve added a new store that accepts credit cards finally. So
busy lately, lets see.

The Knitters had a great time on the road. We
played L.A., San
Francisco, Portland, Seattle and San Diego. It was nice to get back
together with the other Knitters and we were as corny as ever. Throw
Rag opened most of the shows and they were fun. We did have a glitch
here and there. Our van was broken into in Portland and we lost some
things but thanks to friends there our merchandise was found and
returned. Thank you, thank you. It didn’t phase us much though. We had a
great time in Portland that night.

My new band Original Sinners, are gearing up for our tour this summer.
Our record comes out June 25th and we’re very excited. Nitro Records
has been so supportive and good to the band. They’ve released another
MP3, "Bringin Me Down" from the record on their website. So there are
two songs now to listen to. You can download them at

X and Original Sinners will both be playing all three Hootenanny’s this
year. We’ve done shows together before but not for a while. I just love
Hootenanny. My favorite year was with X and we got to play with Buck
Owens and the Cramps.

Something weird: X is getting a cement square in
front of Guitar Center
on Sunset. The Hollywood Rock Walk, I think it’s called. That’ll be on
June 25th. I don’t know if I get to step in the cement with tiny
stiletto heels or not, I think we just sign our names.

I’m doing a reading
this Saturday in Venice at Beyond Baroque. Keith
Morris and Iris Berry will also be reading.


Original Sinners
June 25th Record Release In Store Ameoba Music L.A.
July 5th Hootenanny San Francisco
July 6th Hootenanny Orange County
July 7th Hootenanny San Diego

June 25th Rock Walk on Sunset and Gardner L.A.
July 5th Hootenanny San Francisco
July 6th Hootenanny Orange County
July 7th Hootenanny San Diego

June 8th Reading with Keith Morris and Iris Berry at Beyond Baroque,

Thank you for joining our mailing list and writing and ordering books
and postcards and all. I do really appreciate it.

Yours truly,

I did get her new book "a Beer on Every Page".
I like it a lot. There is a whole lot of the same art damage from X and also some great poetry inside. If you order any of her items, she signs them personally before sending them out. This there might be a time drag, but it is worth it.