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Nah, I am not on Clark’s either, as far as I know. Actually, the drummer was in my poetry class and writes some good stuff. I just took a chance and went to their show one day and really didn’t like it. The vocals were mixed way down, but because there was this massive energy and such a happy devoted buncg, and the link I had, I gave it another try. Am very glad I did. They also had some other regional bands playing with them such as underoath from Florida and sky came falling from New York, and Prevent Falls from somewhere out west. Now and then they have a suck show with bad sound or not having time to sound check but usually bodies are flying and punks a-surfing in clubs the size of coffeehouses. Big energy in small places….

Nah, you don’t need to buy me anything if you don’t want to or don’t have it, although I am interested in hearing them. Let me send you the Clark CD and maybe you can tape me something you have from Dead Meadow on cassette. I use them in my car often enough.