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I read the first 2 parts,cool article.I think my sister would find it cool that Asheton is working with a guy who worked on Xena:Warrior Princess;she loves that show!
I found it cool that Asheton said about hanging out with Sam Lay,blues drummer who worked with Muddy Waters and the Seigal/Shwall band;their bass player used to moonlight with Sun Ra!The Harry Partch refence was cool as well,the avant garde composer,Tom Waits is into him as well.
What did you think about the Raw Power remix?I have`nt heard the original mix but it seems to me the main remixing they did with it was distorting the hell out of it(imagine if they did the same thing to JAMC`s Psychocandy!)which one do you think is better?
On the VU box set the third album is done in "the closet mix" which sounds diffrent then the original album;there`s a Mingus album that they added the edited parts back in,it problably did`nt need to be done,why can`t they just leave classic stuff alone!