Hey spiderinthesnow,

Just wanted to let you know that I got the point, not a lot of people myself included are able to articulate in such depth what J’s music means to us. Not sure if you have checked out the whole board so I have a couple of posts for you to check out.

Under Songs/Albums check out Jaspers post Some Thoughts on where you been Dec/2000. Something he did for a lit class but very cool, think you would definitely appreciate it. Also by Jasper under Dino/J reviews scroll down to More Light One reporters opinions from Oct/2000. Articulates a lot of what I cannot express about why Mascis music is #1 for me. Also if you look under Open Topic & scroll down a bit theres a post by Bob about how you got into Dino/J, some pretty cool stuff there as well.

So hey good luck with your Quest, fingers crossed that we have some more tunes from Mascis later this year.