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As far as tabs go, I do have to say that I have a no solo policy. Mostly because they’re a pain in the ass to tab out, but also because I consider solos, especially of those artists who tend to improv them, such as J (and myself <img> ) to be a highly personal thing (and trust me, I’ve had PLENTY of requests for them.) I guess it could be said that I consider tab a helper, to either get one started on a song they’re trying to figure out, or to unstick them from a part they’re having trouble with. I think we can all agree that using tabs to learn some popular song so that one can look cool around their loser friends is kinda lame. <img>

As for the lack of female guitarists, I see women playing the guitar all the time. As for Jarvo’s comment on the majority of female guitarists not being interested in solos, it would seem to be that way, but I just had a theory on it, here goes…

I’ve noticed a trend in lots of current guitarists, male and female, in that there doesn’t seem to be as much of a focus on raw, technical skill, especially in the indie and alternative scenes. Guitars of exceptional caliber, such as J and Bob Mould, are relatively rare is the genre. The big technical solo guys mostly came from the male dominated metal related scenes…

Do you folks think I could be hitting on something here?

Of course, the blues and jazz scenes also produce a lot of guitar talent, and there are quite a few women in those scenes that are very talented guitarists, but are just overlooked… Bonnie Raitt comes to mind. I’m not a big fan of here music, but dare I say she’s one of the best slide guitarists out there. As for me, I can’t play slide to save my life. <img>

</font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><table><tr><td><table><tr><td>Originally posted by Javro:
<strong>Would never argue with MM</strong></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></blockquote>Why? Are you scared? <img> <img>

Glad you like the MIDI’s though. <img>

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