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The lack of role models for female guitarists might be one reason for women to pick up guitars,it`s a male dominated field that needs to change;I take the guitar mags with a grain of salt because a list of 100 best guitarist is silly in some ways,you can`t hook a guitar player up to a machine that tells you"oh,you`re the 4th best guitarist in the world"there`s no measure for talent,and everyone is going to judge who they think is the best.
Getting back to the female guitarist issue,I can go to open topic and list off great female guitarists from the 1920`s to now in folk,country,jazz,blues,and rock and roll;there are great female guitarists,do they get recognitzed?no,ever hear of Ellen Mcilwayne?she used to hang around with Hendrix and he was really impressed with her.How often do you see her in guitar mags or hear about her?hardly ever.
Whatever writing a tab has to do with the talent of women guitarists I don`t know <img>