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Out of the (very good) female guitar players that I know and have been in bands with, very few have any interest in solos. Indeed, I recall a topic on these very boards a year or so ago with some of the girls here stating that they did not like J’s solos (think the thread was something like "favourite J solos"). So, if they ain’t into it, why learn it? Think it is something that is definitely more a guy thing (can’t imagine girls pulling the stoooopid faces that us guys pull when bending top notes ha ha). Now before you girls come back at me telling me that you love J’s solos, I know this does not apply to everyone.

Also, re tabs – whatever floats yer boat, but I would never use them – would much rather play something over and over again until I nail it myself, just for self-satisfaction. I guess that’s just me though. Chords are always pretty easy to learn – just work up from the root, but I’m usually just lucky with solos, and having learnt as a classical guitarist, I guess I had an advantage with scales etc.

Would never argue with MM – as much as I disagree with some of his opinions (that’s what makes the world interesting though) I was HUGELY impressed with his midifiles when I first discovered them, and still check them regularly. DIsappointed I could never download them into my phone ring though….

No gloating though MM <img>