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My bad. I realize that people learn in different ways. I just get so tired of hearing the same old sexist generalizations about women musicians not being up to par with the males. Being a musician, you’d think I’d get used to it, but it never ceases to infuriate me. If there is ANY reason why women are not more prolific or recognized in the music world, it is surely due to the constant pommelling we receive from close-minded, uncultured loudmouths, which can be damaging to the spirit and ego. It is NOT due to our lack of ability, our lack of dedication, or our lack of numbers. For this person to imply that we "don’t play guitar good enough" (and I must admire the sound grammar) because he has never seen a girl "tab a solo" is both insulting and lacking in merit.

I still stand by my opinions, but apologize if I sounded like I was dismissing anyone’s ability. That would by insanely hypocritical of me, and it was not my intent.

No offense taken, Mattman; I’ve been following the other thread <img>