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Randy Jane

sean, maybe what they were saying on the solo thing wasnt technicallity, but maybe good overall solo, (goes good with song and melody). Even still Santeria….(which is my fav. Sublime song) shouldve, and could blow most anything Kurt ever did solo wise away. Im not saying anything bad about Kurt, as you all know, hes my favorite of all, but yeah…..Nirvana also beat Van Halen in Best all time bands on VH1. Drain STH is one great band!

I personally dont think playing fast solos makes a person a good guitarist. Just because Buckethead can hit a million notes in a minute and make it sound good, doesnt mean hes the best. I hear all of these people talking about how there guitar playing sucks. I think if you are happy with what you can do for the length of time youve played, then you are a good guitarist. Ive played for 9 1/2 years now, but there are all of these kids who are better than me….they may be in different styles than me and may spend more time on learning solos, but they may have also had someone teah them a lot of what they know…which is something I didnt have. Its not about who knows the most chords or riffs or who can play the fastest. Playing what you know and being happy in doing so….I think that is what its about….as long as it makes you happy.

My preaching is done for tonight….Randy Jane