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Well, i just want to say something about the intention of my topic, i’m not a sexist machoman, and as girls are smarter (read anywhere) than boys, i just was wondering why many of them spoil that great skills they have, they are so cool, man they are awesome in every way, that i dont need to list anything.

In other words, i always try to encourage people, getting into these kind of atmospheres (like learning to play any instrument), maybe this happens only in my third world country, but i think its a global problem, for men and women, you see, the mainstream for example, is full of pop shit, that is making people getting used to "lighter" music, and making people ligher also, lighter in every way.

Finally I apologize girls it wasnt my intention, Ill explain everything i post, and yeah if anyone has a picture of a girl making a "solo pain face" it will be very funny to watch it. =P

"then… every man deserves a flower?"
I hope so