buckingham rabbit

well, some of you have given understandable reasons for buying it. though, i don’t really see why you would need it even if you want every track ever recorded by j. these are not new tracks. i’d rather spend the money on music i don’t already have elsewhere. i used to think like that and want everything he touched, but i am not that hardcore anymore. i have ‘martin and me’ but not ‘more light.’ and to be honest, i have no real intention of buying it. from what i’ve heard of it, its not that great. kind of like ‘without a sound’. i’m probably committing sacrilige here, and you will all hunt me down and burn me at the stake.

while i’m at it, i might as well confess another sin: the last two times j was in san francisco i did not go. one was an acoustic show at a small club, the other was the ‘more light’ tour. i regret not going now, but i guess i just figured he would play too much of the new album. i did, however, go see him play a free acoustic show at one of our record stores. at least i’m not all bad.