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Spaceboy-I think on your poll people here were wondering who Will Oldham is!I`m a Will fan like you so he got my vote.
Bob Mould was in a great 80`s punk/indie band called Husker Du,he did some solo albums also and had a band in the 90`s called Sugar.Allison and I often talk about him and fellow Husker Du bandmate Grant Hart.
Ira Kaplan-He`s in a band called Yo La Tengo,who sound like the Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth,sometimes slow and quiet,sometimes loud and rockin.
D. Boon-He was in a band called the Minutemen,Mike Watt was their bass player,this was back in the 80`s,Boon died in a car accident in 1985,that broke up the Minitemen and they reformed as Firehose with a new guitarist and singer,of course Watt now has been playing recently with J.