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K7 Rides Again

Ok, this all started ‘cuz I heard another "new" song by on of these chics and I recognized the voice because they play the other two songs on the radio so damn much. I wasn’t sure if it was the same girl or two chics, but that has been cleared up!

<strong>/* as I hide in shame for knowing such things */</strong>

Oh yeah!!! Avril something…that’s it!!! Don’t be ashamed of possessing knowledge. By the way, abe simpson is pretty fitting <img>

<strong>those songs are pretty good though</strong>

Eh, they are all right, nothing great, but incredibly over played. For some reason I really dig chic singers. Just something about there voices.

<strong>Are you ok? Yet, I can see why you like that song…..heard that song more times than I can shake a baked bean can at, and her voice is annoying as hell…</strong>

Read the last statement <img> That Avril chic is a little cutie though <img> I don’t know about the other girl. Haven’t seen her in any videos yet.

<strong>Advil?!?</strong> Yeah, for as much as it’s played, sometimes two of those are necessary.

Anyways, I only have one working CD player and it’s in my car (all the ohters have decided to poop out, technology disaster at my house apparently). Since I got no where to go as of late, that means lots of radio on the home system. But I’d rather have some allright tunes than none at all.

<strong>Oh yeah, and for all the OHIO boys and girls on the scene, I’m missing BOTH Ohio shows this weekend so please, please, please, please, please, please, please, if you go to these shows post a review so my sorry ass can at least hear about what I missed </strong>

Did I mention "please"? <img>

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