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No, Deeprust, I think she’s dirty. "Dirrty" is spelled with 2 R’s in her video so I put [sic] to show that it’s not my misspelling but her’s.

Also, Jessica Biel (the chick we’re talking about from 7th Heaven) was absolutely fantastic in Rules of Attraction. The scene with her in the Santa lingerie is fantastic. She displaces Tracthenberg for #1 on the Jaron Top 10 list.

And for those of you wondering:

1. Jessica Biel
2. Michelle Trachtenberg
3. Katie Holmes
4. Eliza Dushku
5. Natalie Portman
6. Avril Lavigne
7. Kirsten Dunst
8. Anna Kournikova
9. Alyssa Milano
10. Claire Daines