Ok I have yet another question about this song/preformance? I may also post this question to the Guitar Geek to see if it can get a reply. <img>

Let me first point out that I donwloaded the version of this song from Audiofalaxy as mentioned before so specific time is related to this version which lasts for 6:47.

During the song when J is playing a guitar riff he changes the sound Completely. This happens two times during the song at 2:59 and lasts till almost 3:03 and once more from 4:01 to 4:05. Like I said the change in sound is only for a few notes of the song so by giving it a listen I don’t think anyone would have a problem hearing the difference.

…………..My Question is……What effect is J using for the sound change????? <img> I can’t say I have heard anything like it and think it is really cool. <img> Anyone…Anyone…Anyone

If I don’t get a reply back I’ll post to guitar geek. Thanks for anyones help. Chris