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Bucky Ramone

Through the years I have visited a lot of gigs in small venues, and was lucky enough to talk to a lot of the people I saw. Most of the time the ‘stars’ were all very glad you showed some interest, well, here’s a kind of top 10 of nice people I talked to or shook hands with:

1. Townes van Zandt (great stories, not neccisarily all true…)
2. Mike Watt (great guy, saw him after the Fog gig in Amsterdam last year, were I also said ‘hi’ to J. as he passed us)
3. Steve Earle (great stories about TvZ….)
4. Stacey Earle (Steve’s sister, after her solo gig in Amsterdam we ended up drinking a beer at the bar, and when we said goodbye she kissed me
[img]images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img] )
5. Hazeldine and Neal Casal in a smoky blues-cafe in Amsterdam
6. All the guys from Wheat, great band, I was one of the very few people at their gig, we ended up drinking a few beers, before they had to get back to their tourbus to drive to Stockholm that night…
7. Paul Austin (with whom I had been e-mailing a couple of times already) and Robert Fisher from the Willard Grant Conspiracy, well, somehow I always seem to end up drinking a beer with the ‘stars’….
8. The Bielanko brothers from Marah, a great band from Philadelphia, support act to Steve Earle
9. Robert Proper-Shepard and Adam Franklin from Toshack Highway, another gig with a near-zero attendance….
10. Ryan Adams, only this Thursday, see somewhere earlier in this topic…..

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