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Wow, Jaron called me an idiot. I’m flattered.

Hey, I realize I asked for a lot of the heat I’ve received on this thread. I’m quite aware that everyone think’s I’m a hypocrite for getting upset, then telling others not to get upset. But actually, I don’t care if people get irate, so long as they choose to assemble intelligent arguments instead of resorting to personal attacks and name-calling. What I should have said in my last post was, "just ignore it, unless you can provide a reasonable counterattack".

And just to clarify, my original post was not directed at ALL mascis fans. Note the clever usage of the word "some".

In any case, I’m taking a break from freakscene for a while. Don’t applaud, just throw money. I need to step back for a bit & reevaluate my means of contributing to this community. As much as I enjoy some good heated discourse, I feel like certain people choose to see only that side of my personality. I have made equal contributions to threads that are more lighthearted, relaxed, and friendly in nature, yet so much of that gets pushed aside whenever someone wants to fight.

If I’ve offended, stepped on toes, frightened, irritated; I apologize. But I stick by my opinions.

Rosa, who shaves her legs and wears yellow