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Rosa dear, with all due respect, I’ve decided to not give a damn if you get offended anymore. You seem to spend entirely too much time being offended at every little topic that breaches on your feminist/goth agenda (I’m sorry, did I label something?). People will label, it’s the only way to understand things. These labels aren’t set in stone, Nobody here is saying every guided by voices fan is annoying, only that many have gotten on their nerves. Nobody is ever going to permenantly divide up the world into seperate groups.

I digress, however. The point I was aiming for was this: If you spend your life getting Riled at everything, you will (A) have a difficult time being taken seriously and (B) not have enough time to be happy. I still respect you, but you have to realize that your last post was both hypicritical and ridiculous. Now, goodbye, and try to have a nice day