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</font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by rosa:
<strong>Fucking incredible. This is why I said that Mascis fans are the most miserable. You’ve started a thread actually rating the "most annoying fans". You claim that you are anti-label, and yet here you are calling Manson fans "freaks", Dave Matthews fans "annoying", and in general just tossing labels around willy-nilly. This from the same people who, when pressed for a definition of "indie", couldn’t/wouldn’t give me one; even though you all use it profusely.

Every time I’ve seen J, the audience has been full of whiny, socially-alienated-but-I’d-rather-complain-than-fix-it white boys who claim that Mascis is their hero, then proceed to tear down the quality of the show. Boys who blow their pot smoke in my face after I politely ask them to please not smoke near me. Boys who can only see the "depressing" or "sad" shades of J’s music, and not the aspects of joy, survival, wit, love, and charm. Boys who treat girls with cruel sarcasm and judgement, then complain that they can’t find love. People who aren’t even enthusiastic fans, but just there to earn their "indie" badge.

I love y’all but some of you drive me fucking nuts.

Rosa</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>I agree, but only because I’m scared.

Pumpkins fans are pains in the ass, as I well represent.