I voted for the Stones because that seems to be what J usually says. But he also says that Dinosaur was supposed to be really loud country which I have never understood. THe Stones have a definite country influence though. When I first heard Dinosaur I thought the idea was sort of slowed down Hard Core but that was just the attitude not really the sound.

Dinosaur in my opinion was a parody of 70s rock and roll. J sort of speeded it up a little some times and added a Guns and Roses influence and a Neil Young influence.

I don’t know what to say about The Fog. He seems to be using a kind of crunchy 70s pop to express religious ideas that I don’t really understand. By pop I mean all kinds of stuff from Carly Simon to KISS.

Uhh.. Maybe I should have just voted in the poll and kept my personal opinions to myself….