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hey folks:
Patti Smith and Patti Smyth are two different people but both have a link to NY punk.
Yes,Patti Smith and Sonic Smith were married.Patti Smyth from Scandal was married to(not sure if she still is)Richard Hell.And yes she did team up with Don Henley years ago on some mellow tune.

I`m trying to think who I liked as a kid,I was`nt one to put up posters or pictures in my locker at school.I only got into female singers 8 years ago or so.My fav ladies that I admire alot is Kristin Hersh,Tanya Donnely(from the Throwing Muses and Belly),Janet Beveridge Bean(11th Dream Day/Freakwater),Corin Tucker(Sleater Kinney),Carol Van Dijk(Bettie Serveert).this is in no particular order but recently it`s been Janet Beveridge Bean,I`ve been watching the 11th dream day and Freakwater videos at launch.Carol from Bettie Serveert is originally from Canada,that`s cool.
Robert-I remember how popular Samantha Fox was in the late 80`s,not for her music but for what she looked like.